Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mahoney to ?Kanatzer?

Phew.  It was beginning to look like I only have Irish friends, with these weddings.  Kanatzer, what ethnicity is that, anyway?
So, one of my little sister's best friends got married this weekend. You would never know it today, but Leah and I have not always gotten along this great.  If you had asked me, or Christine for that matter, 15 years ago, if we thought we would be invited to one another's weddings, it would have been a big "hell no!"  I didn't really care for Leah's friends.  I thought they were all stupid girls.  They were horrible at sports, because they'd all stand around talking during basketball practice.  They would do that petty crap that little girls do; best friends one day, enemies the next.  Just so dumb.  But, slowly, as high school crept along, then college, I grew to not mind these ladies.  In fact, I like them now.  Have for a few years.  Guess they just needed some maturing.  Conversely, when Leah would invite Christine over, she would ask, "Well, is Erin going to be home?"  As in, if I was, then NO, she did not want to come over.  I may have been somewhat of a bully.  What else are big sisters for, nice is boring.

Anyway, Christine and Nick have been together as long as Matt and I.  They have always been a fun, laid back couple, I look forward to seeing and enjoy hanging out with on occasion. Maybe Christine wasn't a total ditz all through grade school and high school, perhaps she just didn't care.  And I mistook this mellow attitude for complete airheadedness. Their wedding was one of those, "it's about time" kind of deals. Like many of Leah's and my friends, they have crossed that line and become friends with the whole Smith clan.  They have been frequenters of Michelle Park in the past, and probably will continue to be in the future. And, let's face it, my sisters, mom and I are kind of a package deal.
 Congrats to the new, Mrs. and Mr. Kanatzer!  Visitation Church, Drexel Hall.  September 29th, 2012.

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