Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Godparents

In the midst of the busiest time in my life, to date, I decided to have Maureen and Sean, two of the busiest people I know, to be the the Godparents to my third child.   This created quite teh scheduling problem, so George remained a heathen for over 6 months, but it had to be done.  Maureen and Sean were meant for the job.  Only a select few qualify as Godparent material.

Back when Brock was born, we discussed for quite some time who we would choose as Godparents, and why.   We both looked to our own Godparents and to our siblings' Godparents to come up with the criteria.  Matt's Godparent's are a married couple, Steve and Mary.  Steve and Brian, Matt's father, were BFF's.  Since grade school. Still have a lunch date every first Monday (or Friday, or something like that) of the month at a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant.  This couple has proven to be great family friends and a great mentors to Matt, and now me.  They have visited with each birth of our own children, have hosted wedding showers, attended graduations, and have been involved in most every big event of Matt's life. A perfect selection.

My Godparents are not related, married or connected in the least, except that Marlys was my mother's close friend and Mike my father's cousin and friend.  I always felt I got the BEST set up, because I would get a birthday gift from both people, instead of one married couple!  And though, neither hosted events for me, both have attended nearly every significant event in my life.  Both have continued to be very close, great friends with my parents.  And both are wonderful people I enjoy visiting, and seem proud to be my godparent. Marlys still comes to my birthday dinners every so often.

Some of my siblings' had aunts and uncles as godparents.  But some of these have since divorced, and the none relative never to be heard from again.  Some of our siblings have a friend of one parent or another who have grown apart and no longer keep up with one another's lives, and perhaps have forgotten they even have a god child.  These are things we absolutely wished to avoid.  Therefore, we decided, Godparent's should be people that we know, without a doubt, will be part of our family for the rest of our lives. This should automatically make you think, SIBLINGS.  And God knows, we have enough siblings between the 2 of us to cover our current 3, and possibly 6 kids!  But, as history has shown, siblings don't always stay married to their significant others.  And siblings are already "aunt" or "uncle"...they have a title and connection.  Forever.  It's called blood.  There is nothing closer or more superior.

We looked at Godparents as a way to forever include our close, dear, wonderful friends who have shared a near lifetime of memories. These are people who visited the hospital with the birth of our children.  Lived in our home for a period of time.  Continue to come over to have game nights, drink, hang out, despite there being small children running around.  People who don't knock. Hell, they don't even call and will come in the house even when we are not home...maybe to just use the restroom because their hole in the wall Mexican lunch wasn't sitting so well, and our house is the closest destination (and they know they can get in without a key). People we knew, without a doubt, would be involved in ours and our children's lives forever.  People that, if something, God forbid, were to happen to us, we would be more than happy for them to take over the care of our child.  People we think will guide our children well and provide an excellent example.  We decided we would only have married couples if we were friends with both sides...that way, if divorce happened, we knew we would remain in touch with both sides [not that we really think it's a possibility, but this is learning from past events].

And that, is how we ended up with this motley crew.  Four members were part of our wedding party, five and a half years ago.  Jon Twibell and Beth Maggard for Brock.  Not married [to each other].  Good friends though.  And mutual, very close friends from high school for both Matt and I.  Jon was a big reason as to why Matt and I even met.  And Beth, well, she is like the daughter we never had (nor will have, apparently) and lived with us for almost a year. No getting rid of these two, they just keep coming back.  Gabe and Christin Olsen for Curtis. Married [to one another].  Now, these two were a hard decision, as Christin is not Catholic.  An original criteria that we opted to drop due to the fact that these two join us for nearly every event.  They are our go to couple in KC.  We even housed their chiminea on our deck for a couple years. They are those kind of friends that you don't really need to call or discuss anything with, it's just assumed we are all on the same page, and that we all want to hang out...but someone is the weak link in Sequence, and it's NOT ME!  Most recently, Maureen Walsh and Sean Gratton for George.  Married [to one another]. These two complete "The Quad" as we were nicknamed in high school. Though they have been out in Washington DC for 5 years, we remain extremely close.  No matter how many times I call Maureen for a "quick talk" we end up on the phone for an hour, or two.  And despite them both having a lot of family in KC, we nearly always find time for a visit when they are in town.

This Labor day weekend proved we chose well.  Despite three members being out-of-towners, they ALL made it to George's baptism celebration. They all happily and gladly indulged me in a group photo, in humid, disgusting 85 degree weather with 3 cranky boys.  Not pictured are a lot of other supportive friends and family, who are in the running for 4.O Godparents (whenever that might be) and, I am considering breaking the "no family member rule".  I know Leah would love to have the honor bestowed, and she is more like a friend than a sister often times...but not sure how things will go-just know that you were considered, sissy. 

Oh, and as for the ceremony.  It was beautiful.  Father Rush knew Matt's recently passed Grandma Genny and shared a great little memory from his interactions with her, and related it to George's new life's journey. George was dunked, as opposed to poured on, and took it like a champ.  He had a moment of panic, but by the third dunk, he was starting to like it...even stuck a hand in to splash.

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