Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Lioness'

 Congrats to Thomas and Claire O'Laughlin.  
October 13th, 2012.

Months prior to Thomas and Claire's wedding, Matt and I began planning our weekend.  For, perhaps, the first time ever, we acted as responsible parents of three children and set up a sitter ahead of time.  We even got a hotel room for after the reception. I honestly felt proud that I would not be bugging my family last minute to come over and watch the boys.  We would bring the boys to the Rehearsal and dinner.  Our nanny, Kerry would spend the night for the ceremony, reception and our night out of the house.  Done, and done.  Until...
...we found out the week of, that the boy's presence was requested for family pictures as well as the ceremony.  OK, we can work with that, Kerry will just have to drive the van home with the boys, taking them early from the reception.  Then, after some discussion, the decision was made to leave the boys home for the rehearsal dinner.  I consider this our mistake.  What were we thinking?  A sit down dinner is not fun for three boys under 4, nor is it fun for the people in charge of them.  Let the begging commence.  We got it arranged that one (or a few as it usually turns out) of my family members could watch them for the night.  Then, Kerry gets a stomach bug.  Thank goodness for sisters, and flexible family members.  We got it covered.

What I couldn't have predicted was how difficult it is to get 3 boys wedding picture ready, while attempting to make yourself beautiful as well. Alone.  Matt, being part of the wedding party, was long gone for most of the day.  I began beautifying myself at 1:00pm, to be ready in time for family photos at 4:00pm.  Well, long story short, I arrived at 4:17pm and pictures were over.  Done. Missed them.  Rushed around to get 3 stressed out boys to a load, large wedding, so that they could cling to their perfectly dressed mother in heels.  Truly, all I really want to say about it, is, lesson learned; men should never be in charge of communication.

Leah came to pick up the boys.  I had a few drinks, and I joined my newest family member in some dancing, fun, and merry-making in a beautiful wedding pulled off perfectly at last minute.  Rain turned this outdoor event into an indoor party just 24 hours prior to start time.  Claire was a rockstar.  She so kindly included me in the Friday morning nails and bridal brunch.  The speeches were so heart felt.  The bride and groom obviously have some true friends.  And the now three O'Laughlin ladies, enjoyed ourselves all good Leo's do.
Matt and I stayed in the hotel as planned, and I decided it best to capture our morning after; walk of shame...or so it felt.  We left our change of clothes in the van that transported our boys home the night before.  Whoops.  Leah left the next morning, unsure that she and her soon to be husband would ever decide to procreate.  I guess putting 3 babies to bed is a little daunting for a first-timer. Little did she know, she just has to leave on the hall light.
One awesome, happy family wedding down...on to the next.  Glad to have added a sister-in-law.  And next a brother-in-law!  As we all know, my mantra: THE MORE THE MERRIER. 

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