Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We are fun.

Probably should have, but it didn't really dawn on us until we walked into Jared to get Leah's rings sized and cleaned for her big day Saturday, that we weren't actually dressed for public.  See, Leah, Nora, Megan and I met at The Hot Spot for our spray tans at 10am.  For this, you are to wear loose fitting clothes, that you don't mind getting a bit dirty, which is exactly what we did.  During our tans, the technician told us that my sister was the most laid back bride she had met, and that she could tell we were going to have a great time this weekend.  I replied as I stood awkwardly in the front waiting area without shoes on, legs unusually wide apart and arms hanging like a scare crow to avoid rubbing off my new cocoa colored tan, "Going to have a great time?  We already are!" To which she, the random girl waiting her turn and the receptionist just laughed. I am certain we brightened their day.
 We set out to run a few last minute wedding detail errands.  I, dressed in one of my old, brown flowy skirts with a loose fitting, unattractive grey shirt, with the sleeves rolled up. Leah in a Summer bandeau dress with a giant, navy fleece zip up.  Megan in some scrubs and a t-shirt.  Of course, we stopped at Taco Via for lunch.  Where I got into a detailed conversation with the cashier about how they have the best ice, due to the fact that I insisted Megan get a medium because those are the Styrofoam cups, and everyone knows the ice keeps better in that type of container.  And it's free refills. As we carried our trays from the front counter, Megan just stops, and announces, "My pants are falling down!"  Sure enough, a few unsuspecting bystanders got a glimpse of a brand new spray tan line.  Entertainment for all, right there.  Yet again, leaving a venue having brightened more than a few people's afternoon.
Next stop. Jared.  Walking into that pristine jewelry store, with the employees dress in suits, we stood out just a bit.  The guy assisting Leah in her sizing, just kept laughing. Not about anything specific, I am guessing just at our general appearance the situation and/or the interesting/funny/random/dramatic conversations. He finally stops, looks up at us and says in the most genuine, un-creepy way, "You ladies just made my day. I think you would be really fun to go out with one night." To which Leah informs him that we have a single sister...he's taken.

We continue on to find rehearsal dinner wear, and visit the rehearsal dinner venue to plan seating, etc. We drop Megan off at home.  And finally conclude our afternoon.  It was such a fun day doing things that are generally ordinary, not especially memorable things.  But we are fun.  My family is fun. My friends are fun.  My family's friends are fun.  It's who we are, and I love that a day potentially full of stress trying to prepare for a wedding and Thanksgiving for a huge, boisterous family, was simply fun for all involved...including strangers.  I arrive home to my lovely little boys and the fun doesn't stop there.  They quickly brighten my day with their quirky behavior, following right in their mother's, aunts, uncles, father's footsteps.  As long as we Smith/Giblin/O'Laughlin's are around, there will be fun.
If you don't believe me, you can ask one of the many dozens of people who we have adopted into the family per their personal request...

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