Sunday, November 18, 2012

Using my powers for good.

Some days I am thankful for my neurosis.  Most days I am not. (Not sure that Matt is, EVER).  But some days I am, like today.
Neurosis #1: I put Brock in his little grey and yellow striped tee with navy long johns underneath.  I went to dress Curtis, what do I see?  A yellow and grey striped sweatshirt.  I head into my room, well, I might as well throw on my navy and white striped t-shirt with my mustard sweater.  That leaves George and Matt.  No way Matt is hopping on this bandwagon...but George has no choice!  It wasn't planned.  I had no intention at the outset of the day to dress my family alike.  But once I get going, there is no stopping.

Neurosis #2: George's 9 month photo shoot.  I bugged Matt all weekend to get the camera out and take his picture.  Just wanted to get it done, off my constant mental "to-do list".  Matt knows this is coming every month, so he deals with it.  But today, the other boys were so cute, I insisted on a little family shoot.  Not something Matt wanted to hear, or do.  So, I gave him no choice.  You see, I get these little ideas in my head, and I must have my way.  Matt has learned it's not worth the fight.  Sometimes these ideas are massive failures.  Sometimes they are a complete waste of time, energy, mental and physical effort. {Substitute "sometimes" for "rarely", kind of, sort of, I'd like to think so.} And sometimes, they turn out like this.  Sometimes, they capture a beautiful image, or result in a more comfortable bedroom, or a really fun day, or a fabulous meal.  I live for these sometimes.  And I like to believe, when I am pressuring someone to go outside their comfort level, or beyond what they thought capable, or pretty much just forcing them to do something they don't want to do, I am using my persistent, neurotic behavior for good.
Neurosis #3: I am always right.

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