Sunday, February 17, 2013

A day for the George.

February has been a rough month this year.  Really tough.  Usually, it's one of my faves.  It is the window into Spring.  Days are getting longer.  I started dating Matt this month, 12 years ago.  I married Matt in this month 6 years ago.  I had a teeny {huge} baby on this day, in this month, 1 year ago. Though I despise the whole Valentine's day, thoughtlessly giving cards and gifts, as favors that should be done sporadically throughout the year, not just when one is obliged, kind of defeats the purpose, thing.  I do like that everyone appreciates their loved ones for a moment.  I am happy, for others happiness.  Not everyone can be like me, and gush constantly on a blog how much they love their husband, children, parents, siblings, in-laws, friends.  Oh wait...they kind of can.  Anyway, 2013 February, sucks.  Half due to Matt's recent unemployment, half due to my horrid first trimester symptoms.

But a beautiful, glimmering, happy instant of this month?  George.  He continues to provide me with joy I would have never experienced without his surprise existence.  (I hope he doesn't grow a complex, upon reading constantly that he was somewhat unexpected.  Really, he was just a year ahead of schedule. A bit impatient, I wager.)  We celebrated his first birthday today.  I got to see friends and family, after a long night working in the ICU.  All were in great spirits.  Despite my horrid nausea.  Sheer exhaustion.  Slight headache.  I was happy.

We enjoyed good food.  George made plenty of his usual faces.  He entertained us all with his cake eating...I thought I was bloated, you should have seen his belly!!  Though slightly baffled by the attention, George powered through that cake.  My brain is too tired to say much beyond this; I love George.  I could never kiss him enough.  He sleeps too long and goes to bed too early, so I miss his a lot on rotations where I leave before 6am and get home well after 7pm.  I feel as though I learn something new about this vibrant child, every day.  He fits in so perfectly with us.  He is us.  We would be a totally different family without the George.  So, the day of his birth is a celebrations indeed! 

His doctor's visit continues to prove, that despite being our largest out the shoot, he is our smallest boy.  His height being 30.25'' (a full inch shorter than his brothers at this age, and hovering in the 75th %ile) and 22lbs (which might actually be a bit more than Brock, and nearing the 50th %ile).  He has been shockingly healthy, as he has 2 older brothers who attend school, and a daily playmate, who's mother is a pediatrician (therefore, constantly immersed in children's bugs).  He loves strawberries and any type of bean.  He will wrestle anyone that appears to be an easy target, including the cat and Taties.  He fake laughs.  He walks on his knees most of the time.  And walks on his feet, only when not paying attention.  He loves his Pottery Barn name chair.  Loves it.  And his "stink face" will make anybody laugh.  So, thank you George, for making my day brighter.  My life richer.  And this moment, wonderful.

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