Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wow. I mean, WOW.

So, that whole baby brain thing?  You know, where supposedly you suddenly forget little things (or big things).  Can't remember where you place things.  Constantly wondering why you called your friend, or mom, or whoever you called.  Have a hard time orgnaizing thought.  I always think it's a myth.  Not possible.  A silly term.  Until, I am pregnant.  Then, it all comes flooding back, ah, yes, "Baby Brain" is a thing. 

Well, I think today, I did it.  I reached the epitome of baby brainededness.  I am snowed in, at Truman Hospital Hill.  Where I know no one.  Our ICU list is down to 4 patients.  Everyone, except the on-call residents went home.  So, I thought, what better time than now, to go through my phone and update my contacts?  I have had a few people call or text over the past few months, who's number had not been reassigned to a name.  I start by scrolling through my call log, and get to an 816-729-#### number.  I can instantly narrow it down to a couple people, because, I myself have a 816-729-#### number, so I notice it when someone else shares this pattern.  I decided, the best way to narrow it down completely, is to just text the number, and ask "Is this Molly?"  Bizarrely, no sooner had I sent that text, then did I receive a text, stating, "Is this Molly?"  After a split second of confusion, then a solid second of embarrassment, then a few seconds of laughter to myself.  I realized, that 816-729-#### number, was, in fact, my very own cell phone number.  The one I have had since freshman year of college.  The one that all of my family, and some of my friends can recite, because I had it back when people still called from touch tone phones periodically.  In fact, it is such an old number, the oldest one on my mother's family plan, that it is FREE.  Yup, after dealing with Sprint and their many mistakes for 12+ years, they just don't charge for that line anymore, to compensate for the past (and future) issues, and thank us for being such loyal customers. 

Even after making this discovery, I continued to stare at the number on my phone, and it remained somewhat unfamiliar.  I began to wonder if I had been giving out the correct phone number when people asked for it, all these years.  Perhaps, I've had a mini stroke.  Oh well.  No harm done, I guess.

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