Sunday, July 20, 2008

21 Weeks Down, 16 To Go!

First, a few comments. I tried shoving the dog out of the photo and it made for an awkward shot, that may or may not make me look more pregnant than I really do. Also, I wanted to wear the exact same outfit as the one from week 15, but those shorts do not fit, and I got the t-shirt wrong. Oops.
Now, as for the title, I realize those numbers do not add up to the expected 38-40 weeks, but I am being hopeful. I have now had a total of 3 ultrasounds, and my original due date of November 27th has been moved up twice, now possibly being around the 21st. The doctor finally came out and said, "Well, we were either wrong about the due date, or you are having a big baby." If I am to be an intelligent gambler, and examine my cards, "big baby" definitely seems to be were the money's at. I mean, I am one of the smaller members of my family, and lets just say no one has ever used the word "Dainty" in the same sentence with my name. So, in conclusion, I have personally moved my due date up to sometime between the 8th and the 17th.
Other than all that hullabaloo, everything is going great. I am finally feeling almost normal. I have energy. I have stopped vomiting. I have an appetite. And lastly, this baby is an active one. Phew. It kicks, and thrashes and rolls around (I am assuming) all the time. But I still cannot feel this from the outside, so poor Matt just has to take my word for it right now.
Still no names, nor nursery progress.

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Maggie said...

Yeah! Everything sounds great. As far as the earlier due date goes, I was certain that it was 'mind of matter' and that planning on having bubby a week early would make it so. Not the case for me, but I believe in you Smitty.

Names and nursery? You'd be so far ahead of the game if you had that going on already. You look great and enjoy pregnancy.