Thursday, July 17, 2008

They get their own post.

When reading the remarks from Megan's wedding weekend, I am sure your first question is, how can she forget the shoes!? I know, I almost did! They are deserving of their own post anyhow.

These are possibly, my # 1 favorite shoes of all time. They are one of a kind, couture, and very expensive (though I got them wholesale for under $50, of course), while maintaining a decent to good comfort level. I took them off halfway thru the reception and set them on the floor, under a chair, next to my purse. I had my eye on them all night. I even double-checked their presence right before heading to the dance floor for the final song. I go back, and Vamoose! ONE shoe is missing. I was in a panic (on the verge of tears - possibly due to pregnancy, possibly due to my neurosies) who steals a shoe!? Honestly? I felt people were not taking me seriously, in fact, I got the impression some people thought I was making it up...who can really blame them, I am known for a prank or two. I went to search the bathrooms and on my way back to the banquet room, I hear "SMITTY! Where's Smitty?" I told myself, don't get your hopes up...but I walk in and Anne Williams saved the day.

Now my new question, who hides a shoe? Honestly?

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