Thursday, July 17, 2008

IU Wedding's 2008, # 2!!!

Megan & Patrick Labuhn
July 12th, 2008

The photo above may appear harmless, cute and comepletely normal, but what was happening on the other side of the lense cannot even be described in words that are printable in a public arena. Let me just say, "Sound the Alarm, it's a party" and "Chicki, chicki, chicki, Chickita!"

So, I showed up in Columbus, Ohio on the Thursday before this blessed event, because it was hundreds cheaper than arriving the next day. I did not know I was walking into what would turn out to be one of the strangest evenings, EVER. Megan had a nice little barbeque planned, at her new in-laws (which almost ruined my entire evening because of the major loss Colleen and I suffered to Kristy and Jillian in a very intense cornhole game...but I pulled it together for the rest of the night, though I am still a little bitter, obviously.) We then set out for a kind of pseudo - or maybe full fledged bachelorhette party equipt with bride and bridesmaid tank tops, as well as phallic ring pops and straws, you know, the normal party fair. Everything seemed normal, if not a little dead at the first bar: Frog Lobster Tree Horse Barn something or other (only thing of note; some attractive but boring hockey players). So it was suggested we move on to Scully's for a Ladies 80's Dance party. Apparently, drugs were required for attendance at the bar, ecstacy prefferably, but 'shrooms or acid would probably work fine (I am speculating). Stepping into this bar was like stepping through a porthole to a new dimension, or onto a movie set. Has anyone seen Party Monster? Crazy, loud, trippy 80's/early 90's dancing with men, women dancing with women, fat people in little dresses, little people in fat dresses, mohawks, tattoos, frat boys, chaos to its max. As the evening wore on, I couldn't even tell that I was the ONLY sober person in the entire bar, seeing as the environment was so intoxicating. Finally, after losing 5% of my body weight in sweat, we went out for air and a ride home, which is where the aforementioned picture took place.

Thank goodness, the rest of the weekend proved to be quite a lovely, peaceful, expected wedding event. Phew, Baby O may not have forgiven me if things got any crazier.

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