Monday, September 29, 2008

Never spit in another man's face, unless...

...his beard is on fire! My cousin, Katie had her bachelorhette party this last friday. When I arrived and saw that we each got our own personal pink boa's, I thought to myself: man, I really picked the wrong year to be pregnant - this is going to be one wild and crazy night. As if going to 2 Indiana Alum weddings (with the potential for 4) wasn't a big enough hint, this one really hit home. All was not lost though, I did get to part-take in the pizza and homemade ranch.
Katie's wedding is the one I alluded to at some other point, with the possibility of 9 pregnant women, the count is up to 11. I would like to add, if it wasn't completely obvious, that there are actually only 3 girls truly "with child" in this photo - the other's just have skillz.
And finally, the gift. EVERYONE else got Katie some sort of darling little nighty...but we (my sisters and I) went with something a little more practical: a muumuu. The best part of the whole deal, besides the garment being a 1x, had to be that it was nearly the last gift she opened. Or maybe that isn't the best part. Maybe the thing that made this gift soo extraordinary was the saleslady at Macy's. In all seriousness, she asked my 24 year old sister, "And who is recieving this lovely gift?" And Leah responded, "My cousin". And the women said, "Oh she is going to love it, it has such a clean and crisp look." A 1x muumuu!? Can anyone seriously admire the look of a 1x, cotton, baby blue, floral print muumuu? I wonder.

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