Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Opera

La Boheme
The Lyric Opera
Kansas City

Leah and I decided to make it a date to the opera. Niether of us has much experience in the opera scene, but we have both decided it is for us. This particular opera, we were told be many, "is a great one to see as a first", because it provided the inspiration for the play, Rent (and everyone has seen Rent!) Therefore, the storyline was very familiar, and the superscripts helped - no such thing as old-fashioned opera anymore, now we have translations.
Overall, it could have been a wonderful and completely positive experience, if it weren't for a few things... One being the woman who thought every goofy moment was the funniest thing she has ever witnessed, thus bellowing with obnoxious laughter every other minute. It got to a point whereI began to feel bitterness at the light-hearted moments of the play, instead of joy. The other obstructions to pure enjoyment were: my hot flashes, RLS and the extreme case of the hiccups Baby O developed for the entire last scene (guess Opera's not O's thang - a boy?)

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