Friday, October 24, 2008

I knew I should have taken up smoking.

At my 35 week appointment, the baby weighed in at 6 lbs and 8 oz's!!!! The reasoning behind the exclamation points is not excitment at that weight, but terror. All the books and websites out there on pregnancy list the average estimated weight at 35 weeks to be 5 and 1/4 pounds. If the child continues at this rate and I go the full 40 weeks, we are looking at a baby well over 9 lbs, if not more into the 10 lbs range. I must admit, this information absolutely did not come as a shock, seeing as Matt was the smallest of his brothers - weighing in over 9lbs, and my sister had her son 8 days early, and he was 9lbs 6oz's. People are just too healthy these days. No one smokes, or drinks, and everyone takes their prenatal vitamins...did we really expect to continue having 6 lb babies?

I, on the other hand, just hit the 20 lb weight gain mark. Some people gain 40 lbs and still have a 6 lb baby. Really though, the baby looked amazing, and healthy, and so real. I can't wait to meet it, even though its birth might be a struggle.

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Margaret said...

You are too cute!!! I can't stand how they guess weights ahead of time, like it really helps you when it comes time to push, imagining how big it will be!! AHHH!!! It sounds like you are healthy healthy healthy and 20 lb weight gain on your part is awesome (I gained 50!) I pushed out a 10+ pounder, thinking it was going to weigh 7 (but hoping it'd weigh 40 so I could explain my weight!) Happy healthy baby is all that really matters, no matter how you get there!

So excited for you!!