Monday, October 13, 2008

Chris Cake's has still got it - I don't.

I'll begin in reverse order of the weekend's events related to Kim's (Matt's cousin) wedding. On Sunday morning, we had a pancake breakfast catered by none other than Chris of Chris Cake's himself. This company does/did all the pancake breakfasts that Visitation (my grade school & church) ever held and I ever attended. Plus,it was always this same man! It has probably been 10+ years since I last experienced the massive pancake machine, and super-human speed pancake flipping, and the 'better be ready to catch it' pancake tossing. So, as a joke, I stand up and hold my plate out from across the room, as if to gesture that I would like him to attempt to toss a pancake all the way to me. He moved his head in a manner that I took to mean, "No"...but I later find out most thought it was more of an, "Are you sure you are ready for this?" So, I take a few steps in his direction to go get some pancakes, when I hear "Hey!" just in time to look up and see a pancake heading straight for my face. I swiveled to the side and slightly ducked as much and as quickly as an 8-month pregnant woman can move, only to have it peg me on my left shoulder. If only I had looked up a second sooner, I would have caught the thing, everyone would have cheered, and I would have been a celebrated hero...but no, I get a bunch of groans, and laughs (which I find to be very rude, considering my "delicate situation".)

Beyond that, it was a fairly normal wedding weekend: happy families, lots of food, CAKE and alcohol, a beaming bride, perfect weather, and a lovely mass.

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