Tuesday, October 14, 2008

D.O. Baby

The girls from school put together a lovely Sunday afternoon tea for me and Baby O. This event was particularly enjoyable because we had just finished a very grueling section in school; it made me (and I hope them) feel like part of the "real world" again. Stephanie, one of the hostess' made quite a delightful punch, you know - the one with ginger ale, some kind of red punch soda & sherbert. Always a hit. They also found a little baby onesie at the KCUMB Bookstore (which is what I am holding). During class we all joke that I am going to have THE smartest baby because it has already been through 3 of 10 sections...possibly 4. I do think it would be quite amusing if this one followed in Mommy's footsteps and became a D.O. We, of course, had to play one baby shower game...guess the belly size. Of all the options for showers games I've heard of, I have to say this one seems to be the most amusing and worth-while. Even though you see yourself everyday, getting bigger and bigger. And even though your large, rugby player husband's t-shirts don't even fit well anymore. Nothing quite brings home the concept of how big you are until you see someone walk toward you with a ribbon that appears to be as long as you are tall and it fits perfectly around the circumference of your belly.
Thanks again to you all for the great time, the support and the entertainment...everyday.

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Proud Mama said...

The punch is usually Hi-C. :) I love that punch!!

I'm thinking of you and hoping your final weeks are great! Can't wait to see pics of Baby O. If it's a boy I think you'll have to name him Owen. And a girl, Owenette. :) xoxo