Thursday, October 23, 2008

BFF! (Ben Folds Forever)

Matt and I attended the awesome Ben Folds concert last night at the Uptown Theatre (a smallish, indoor venue). Surprising as it may seem, the highlight of the evening was NOT the freezing rain we (by we, I mean, mostly Matt) had to stand in for 45 minutes to get in the doors. NOR was it the guy sitting in front of me, constantly belching a stench comprised of the mixture of beer and garbage disposal. And least of all, it was NOT the group next us, or should I even say group, the girl next to us who had THE most annoying/loud voice of all time. I will not even attempt to describe it, for fear I will bring out that shreaking laughter once more. The highlight in this case actually was the intended performer, Ben Folds. His piano playing ability, singing skills and general demeanor make for a completely fulfilling night of entertainment. This is the 3rd time I have seen him live, and he just gets better.

It would not be a complete description of the evening if I did not mention the runner up for most quality entertainment,"that crazy lady". You know, the one that attends EVERY concert you have EVER been to, the one you are not sure if she is: a.) on drugs, b.) clinically insane or, c.) can just "feel"the music like none of us ever have: aka f-ing weird. She was there in full form; dancing when no one else was, head banging to anything and everything, and her left leg just didn't seem to have the capability to stay planted on the floor... Have any of you seen the SNL with Sue - the one who can't take surprises? Imagine her in real life. (If you haven't, this is an example, just watch her body movements: )

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