Friday, May 8, 2009


When Brock gets ahold of any stuffed animal-type toy, he goes straight for the tag.  When he's playing near anything with a tag, such as his boppy or play gym, he goes for that, as opposed to the other things that are supposed to get his attention.  He loves plastic grocery bags (got to be careful about that one...), really loves newspaper and really REALLY loves restaurant menus (First Watch is probably his fave).  In fact, it is customary at this point to say "and we'll keep one menu" after the completion of my order, so much so, that I almost said it the other night and we didn't even have Brock.  My mom can't remember which one, but either Leah or I had the same fascination as a baby - she suggested saltine cracker wrappers.

Of course, they always stop doing whatever it was that was really cute once the camera starts rolling, but here's a little sample (he's a bit lacking in energy at this point):