Saturday, May 23, 2009

Whoa. A Half Year?

That went fast.

Height - 27.85" (85%)
Weight- 17lbs 10ozs (50%)

Brock continues to be a tall, skinny baby. And I think the best way to describe his personality is a 12 year old trapped in an infant's body. He loves to drink water out of a glass. He thinks he can walk and marches forward when given the chance, only for Matt to catch him as he plunges head first toward the floor. He plays patty cake (erraticly). He continues to enjoy paper. He loves sweet potatoes and hates peaches (he literally gagged when I gave him some). And he loves his new stroller!


sheltonfamily said...

Adorable pic of Brock! I can't believe he is so big already. Just wait and they will be turning 10 before you know it!!

Maggie said...

Nice jammies!!!