Friday, May 1, 2009

So Eclectic

Monday Night: Pirates of Penzance
Highlights: During the audience participation act of singing "God save the queen", Leah and I decided to imitate true opera form (Leah being the louder) and belt out the song. After which, the nice 83 year old woman sitting next to Leah informed her, quite insistently, that she should be on stage. Little does she know, Leah has been center stage her entire life...


Tuesday Night: Howie Day Concert

You can view our recording of one song here.

Highlights: After exactly one song with Howie's signature loop sound, all the power in Westport went out and Howie Day left the stage. Wait, back up one step. This concert was originally schedule over a month ago, back in March but got cancelled. So this week's was a make-up, rescheduled for 11pm on a Tuesday night. So, it has already become a slight hassle and inconvenient. Hence, the power outage, at first, was inraging. Then Howie came back out armed only with his lovely voice and guitar, illuminated by a flashlight anchored to the mic stand. The employees placed candles on every table in the Record Bar, turning the grungy dive feel into an intimate ambiance. All injuries forgiven.


Wednesday Night: Relaxation.

Highlights: Watching TV and playing with Brock until he fell asleep on my chest.


Thursday Night: Buca Di Beppo & Goodbye

Highlights: A huge free dinner, provided by the Pathology Club. As a 2nd year, I am leaving the school to go out in the world of medicine for clinical rotations. So, I must pass my duty as VP of Path club on to a 1st year, thus the "transitional dinner". The Goodbye part of my night, pertains to an evening of Gray's & Private Practice (niether of which do I watch regularly) with my KCUMB study group. One of our member's husband passed away last week, so she is taking her 2 girls and heading home where she can have the support and help of her immediate family. We will miss her.


Friday Night: First Fridays

Highlights: The photographer/neighbor Matt once stalked was showing his work. We were worried the art & nightlife down at the Crossroads would not be kid friendly. Turned out, on this particular evening, you would have been out of place without a child in tow. I enjoyed the event immensely, and plan to head back another time. (Though I discovered a furniture store that I MUST avoid, it is exactly my style, but absolutely not my price range.)


Saturday Night: Couple's Baby Shower

Highlights: Stephanie, a classmate of mine, is due sometime in the next 2 months (twins make it really hard to pick a due date...) Matt got out of this shower due to his opportunity to shoot at a wedding with our photographers, so I went with Gretchen (another classmate) as my date. It's really fun to buy gifts for twins - as for having to raise them for the first few months...?


Sunday Day: Vivian's 1st Birthday

Highlights: I really dis-like dolls, always have, never owned a Barbie, did have a Cabbage Patch Doll (CPD), but I am pretty sure Leah took over that one. The only thing I ever dressed up was my teddy bear with Annora's CPD's, Milly, clothing; and I am pretty sure that was just to piss her off - anatgonist from birth. Anywhoo, Vivian got this teeny baby doll for her birthday and she immediately grabbed it and hugged it to her chest for the rest of the gift opening process. So cute, a baby holding a baby.

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