Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yum Yum

We've been experimenting with rice cereal for the last few weeks. Brock seems to have a decent attention span until it comes to eating. Suddenly, he becomes 100% distractable: oh, the fan is moving; ooh, the dog; wait, I think I heard something behind me; the spoon, the spoon, hand me the spoon; there's the dog again!

He's been like this since birth. I wonder how many traits carry on forever? If it's a lot, looks like we are going to have a very skinny, very active, stubborn child with a staring problem, who loves paper.


Tina said...

I hear you on that one Smitty - he looks very good to me though and what's wrong with being curious;-)

Maggie said...

I just stopped having to hand Aiden a spoon to hold while I fed with another, and we had to trade several times through the process. Aren't boys fun?

Kristy said...

haha...he will be quite and interesting character if he keeps all of those traits :-)

I keep laughing just picturing him at 25..haha

I love your posts Smitty!