Thursday, July 23, 2009

*Revised* 8 Month Olds are Just Like Us...

...they take naps....they enjoy bowling.
...they enjoy a bottle [of wine] every now and then....they have to do the dishes....they like holding a newborn baby.I have always imagined there to be a definite line between a baby, a kid and an adult. I am quickly learning, this line does not exist. I still wonder to myself, as I did when I was little bitty, "when do I officially become an adult?" One would think having a child of their own would do the trick. I still enjoy games and sports and kool-aid and Lucky Charms, but I also love coffee and wine and running a household. And it's not just the line I thought I would cross someday, but I imagined there to be a line for Brock. When will he stop being a baby and become a little kid? In so many ways he has crossed that line, but in so many ways, he never will.

This month, perhaps, brought on the most significant changes in Brock. His crawling really progressed and I don't foresee stalling walking much longer. His curiosity has peaked. He climbs stairs, opens cabinets, and puts everything in his mouth (including a nickel, dime and Reese's). He understands "no" (but doesn't adhere to it) and responds happily and alertly to his name. He greets me standing every morning. He sleeps 11 hours a night 99% of the time. He gives kisses. He holds his own bottle, finally, what a lazy butt. He started out only sitting at the zero entry section of the pool, and now he can climb out at the 18'' wall. He has a favorite toy. He eats crackers, and cereal and this weird, freeze-dried yogurt. You can point to any word in the newspaper and he can read it. No wait, strike out "read" and replace it with "eat". I can't put a finger on it, but he just appears to be thinking more, I guess. During each new stage, I think I don't want Brock to make that next step, because he will grow up and stop being my baby. But each step he makes is so amazing and he is still so completely Brock.

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