Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Lakehouse full of Ladies!

Molly Mulloy is getting hitched. To celebrate this long anticipated event, one of her bridesmaid's, Jeanie, volunteered her family's lakehouse in the Ozarks for the bachelorhette festivities! What does a group of 17 girls do at a lakehouse for a weekend, you ask? (Well, it isn't tapping a keg well or turning on the water heater, that's for damn sure...) I'll be honest, I hoped to wake up in the bathroom with a tiger. But since that didn't happen, I guess waking up at 7am to Danny Neenan doing dishes is about as close to the impossible as I'm gonna get. And because what happens at bachelorhette parties stays at bachelorhette parties I am just going to let your imagination run wild for this post, but I'll give you a hint: eat, drink and be merry. (Oops, I gave it all away!)

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and hilarity ensued said...

Love this entry! I agree nothing is more impossible then waking up to Danny doing dishes... Waking up with a baby in the closet would have been more believable.