Monday, July 6, 2009

It's only a puncture wound.

Despite a few patches of light rain, the we enjoyed perfect weather for the 4th. Or, perhaps I misspoke, the weather was a bit dreary; the temperature was perfect - in complete contrast to the previous weekend. Thus, we did not have a cranky baby on our hands, he enjoyed his entire first visit to the farm.

Turns out Brock LOVES fireworks (surprise surprise, he loves fart noises, trucks, and just about anything loud in general - such as blenders at Latteland). Anytime a set of ladyfingers went off he quickly turned in the direction of the commotion and smiled and/or laughed, not even the M-80's startled him. Unfortunately, he is on the fast track to taking after the Smith boy's (who, btw, are dead set on obtaining their pyrotechniques licenses' so they can "shoot off some real fireworks"). Perhaps we will not be joining them next year, seeing as I enjoy living.Since finishing up with boards (oh yeah, I took my step 1 exam last week!!) Brock and his cousin Xander have been able to spend a lot of quality time together and are quickly becoming buddies. Xander was so kind as to give Brock a lift - twice.
And, let's not forget, it isn't just the little boys that like to drive around in miniature vehicles...Gramps and Dad do too.
No directly fireworks related injuries this year, but we did have an injury indirectly related to fireworks. Brennan was holding a Roman candle and Porter (being the intelligent bull dog he is, pictured in the background of above photo) decided he wanted to destroy it. Needless to say, he missed the firework and sunk a tooth into Brennan's hand. And by sunk, I mean I am pretty sure I could see a tendon. So, after nearly fainting, a little bit of bottled water, antibacterial cream and surgical tape, Brennan got back to his usual debauchery in no time at all.

We did not stay for the fireworks, but made it back to Kansas City just in time for the Leawood fireworks show. Shoot, you know what? I am a Smith too - I LOVE fireworks!

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Helen E said...

The pic of Xander and Brock in the car is amazing. I smile like a fool every time I see it.