Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So, the months of May and June just flew by, and were very eventful, but I was stuck in my little cave studying, so here is the scoop:Stephanie Million's baby shower in early May, the twins have since arrived.
The O'Laughlin's had a family reunion-ish weekend here in KC, June 18-20th. I really just ate the great dinners from Jack Stack and Garozzo's while the rest of the family visited the old airport where Grandma Genny O's old flight attendent uniforms is on display.
Staci Schnieders & Robert Reintjes' engagement party, hosted by the Lillig's & Amey's on June 12th.

  • Sean Gratton - Medical Degree from Georgetown.
  • Beth Maggard - Master in Writing from Depaul.
  • Claire O'Laughlin - High School now headed to Boston College
  • Michael O'Laughlin - 8th Grade now headed to Rockhurst HS
  • Meaghan & Brian Hagenhoff welcomed Henry Peter on June 3rd.
  • Stephanie & Brian Million welcomed Molly and Benjamin on June 7th.
  • Katie & Ian Gillihan expecting in October
  • Kathryn & Andrew Carnahan expecting in November
  • Joe & Vanessa Harris expecting in February
And too many birthday, engagements and weddings coming up to even begin listing them...am I missing anyone?


Anonymous said...

Family in Boston!!! You should come visit!!!


The Carnahan Family said...

Love the shout out!!!