Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Doing the Shuffle.

According to my blog, Thanksgiving never happened. I never even mentioned it, how out of character for me. I guess we can't be perfect ALL of the time, now can we?

After 9 years of being together, Matt and I have gotten the Thanksgiving shuffle down to a science. Having both families here is both a blessing, and, well, a blessing. Though it would be nice to show up to one place and stay, relax, eat, drink, and have no where else to go, I love sharing the holidays with all of my family.
Please reference picture at the bottom right of this blog for last year's Thanksgiving photo.

There were a few changes to the formula this year though. One being, I was in charge of the mashed potatoes for the 30-40 family members that meet at my mother's home. I made 15lbs and I think they turned out pretty well. Usually, I just make a couple chocolate pudding and peanut butter pies for those infantile beings that don't like pumpkin or german chocolate. I thought we had outgrown that item. Apparently not, I got berated for failing to bring that one. So for next year: mashed potatoes and pudding pie it is!

The other change, of course, was Brock! Last year, he was 4 days old, barely 8lbs at that time, and slept the entire day. This year, Brock was 21.7lbs (30th %) and 31.25in (85th %). He was walking, interacting with his cousins, being licked to death by a puppy, and sitting at the big table, eating real food. The first year is amazing, can you imagine growing 10 inches [see note] in one year!?

[I was going to add "and gaining 13 lbs", but I can imagine that; in fact I have done it. A few times. And I am pretty sure, if given a reason, I could gain 13lbs in one, nevermind.]

Happy Holidays to ALL!!

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