Thursday, December 10, 2009

Who's kidding who?

By living in the area that I do, and having many random weekdays off, I come in contact (most commonly at the surrounding coffee shops and boutiques) with the housewives of Johnson county frequently. I often times observe them as they get out of their fully loaded Lexus SUV's, in their Ugg's, and with their hair and nails all did, and their size 4 designer jeans, toting their 2 little children who look as though they have just returned from the yacht, and think: how obnoxious. But I always feel a little wrong for that thought.

See, I truly enjoy the finer things. I will own a 2010, Nara Bronze, Range Rover one day. I love having my nails done. Designer heels are amazing in every way, they look better, they fit better, they just feel better. I think there is nothing more adorable than baby Gap and baby Polo. I mean, lets be honest, does any Little Debbie treat even compare to a cookie, cake or danish from McClain's [insert favorite, local bakery here]? No. So, why would a cotton t-shirt from Target feel or look as good as a cotton t-shirt by Marc Jacobs? Just making a point - I do in fact love Little Debbie and Target, the other options are just better.

Today, I finally realized why I can excuse these extravagant indulgences and desires in myself, but detest them in these women. If I make any of these purchases, it will be with my earnings. I will have worked to provide myself with all the luxuries I choose to obtain. The labels I wear will be because I feel they are superior to other options, not because I want to flaunt my social status. And, if we are to look honestly at the situation, I will not wear them to get my coffee at Latteland in the morning. I will still wear my old Indiana sweats, with my hair in a scrappy looking ponytail-bun thing. I will continue to rarely apply make-up (though when I do, it might be M.A.C). Though I love growing out my nails and getting them done, I have not painted them once since Brock's birth, not once. Nice nails and babies do not get along.

I would like to clarify one thing, I am speaking of only a certain limited group of people. I have NO PROBLEM with housewives in general. In fact, I am probably slightly jealous of the prospect, and a little part of me wishes that being a stay at home mom would satisfy my particular personality. ALSO, I am extremely happy. I do not covet these lavish items, but admittedly appreciate them for what they are. We don't own a single flat screen TV of any sort, and I have no problem with this (I mean, no one wants to come to our house to watch the game, but whatever, who needs them...) I'm just hoping it's OK for me to dislike those women a little bit, but still exhibit some of the same characteristics, that's all.


Lindsay said...

I live in a very similiar area. I too love Range Rovers and Uggs. BUT there is not a snowballs chance I am blow drying my hair and putting on makeup and getting fully dressed to head out to Target in the morning or to get coffee. Sadly here I am in the minority, but honestly don't care and still rock sweats and a sloppy bun.

MW said...

If you ever equate McLain's with Johnson County, Range Rovers, Uggs, yuppie-dom again, we are no longer friends.

Ermasmit said...

I stand corrected, perhaps Baby Cakes would be more appropriate?

(Though, it was meant to be an example of regularly indulging in the finer things, and I feel nothing is finer than a chocolate drop cookie thing or a cheese Danish from McClain's. Just saying.)

Maggie said...

I can't deny that I don't covet a pair of Tori Burch flip flops with the little gold embellishment on them, but don't know if that will ever happen.
And yesterday when I ran to Walgreens with unwashed hair, fleece (albeit NorthFace), old velour sweat pants (velour??? hello j lo that was a long time ago!) and my dinged up Explorer, I know I'll never be quite up to snuff. But I won't deny that I kind of wish I had all that beautiful, soft, shiny stuff that oozes LUXURY!
Maybe when Aiden stops wiping his nose on my shoulder I'll make a step in that direction.