Friday, December 18, 2009

From Start to Finish

First, we set out to find the perfect tree. In past years, Matt and I would examine approximately a dozen trees, and go on about how it's too tall, or it's lopsided, or one side is too ugly (to which I would reply that the ugly side can just face the wall, and Matt would say, no we can't have a half-ass tree) and so on and so on...before finally deciding on one. This year, we spent a good 20 minutes following Brock, letting him explore (and by explore I mean play in the muddy tire tracks), taking photographs, etc. Then, bam! We stumbled upon the perfect tree. No joke, this tree was so beautiful, we didn't even entertain the idea of looking at one other pine. Right height, straight trunk, minimal dead branchs, ideal shape, perfection.

Then, after determining this would be our centerpiece to Christmas 2009, we cut down the tree ourselves. As you can see, we decided it best to get Brock started on his lumberjack skills early. We prepped him back in October for his duties this December. Bet you didn't know one year olds had the capability to chop down pine tress, did ya? After the tree got tagged, shaken, paid for and hoisted onto the ol' 4runner, we headed back to the city.

Next, we stored the tree in the garage, watered it for a few days, you know, to let it acclimatize to the new environment, then moved it into the living room. It balanced perfectly in the tree stand, first try! No wrastlin' with that thing; such a pleasant fella. Matt, with Brock's assistance (or hindrance) then covered it in lights. And the boy's jobs were done, leaving me with the last and final step.

While the boys were away working and playing, I hauled out all the ornaments. Upon opening the big, blue box, specifically designed to store round, glass ornaments, I found my favorite one to be shattered. The only ornament with any damage, was my fragile, colorful, round, glass, puzzle ornament, gifted to me by my mother. I then proceeded to drop an ornament I gave to Matt last year, to represent his travels to China. Tree decorating is not nearly as fun, or easy as it appears. But I prevailed through these trials and tribulations to create what this tree was destined to become: a masterpiece.


Leah said...

I just wanted to make sure that is, in fact, wearing his Nascar gloves while stringing the light on the Christmas Tree?

Maggie said...

Love the tree - we didnt' do one because of the move! So sad!

btw, your wrapping paper and accent bows are quite pretty.