Sunday, December 27, 2009

For Adult Eyes Only:

The post to come with all the holiday bustle is going to be astronomically long; consider yourself warned. Even though I am pretty sure one statement can some it all up:
Best Christmas Ever!
Sunday, December 20th
Casino Night
To kick start the Christmas week celebrating we began with Matt's relative's. His aunt and uncle hosted "Casino night" at their home, primarily to celebrate some other aunt and uncle's 50th birthdays. Confusing, I know. I won almost $5 playing Black Jack!! I think I am ready to hit the real casino's and finally play a real game, not just the penny slots.

Half of the family in attendance had driven in from St. Louis, so we had the obligatory Minsky's pizza for dinner. There are a few restaurants that MUST be eaten upon visiting KC, according to Matt's STL family, among these include: Gate's BBQ, Minksy's, Jack Stack, McClain's and Winstead's.
Wednesday, December 23rd
4th annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
I love, love, love, that I have an annual party to host. This party WILL happen every year, for as long as I have a home to host it in, I guarantee it. It WILL happen, even if only 10 people show up for the event. It WILL ALWAYS be themed as an Ugly Sweater party, even if these go out of style. As for it always being on Christmas Eve Eve, that part is flexible.

When else will Sean and Jon have the opportunity to be "weiner partners"? And where will Brendan pass out in the upcoming years? And to which other party does one attend as an adult, and regularly need a cab ride home? And to what other event can you dress identical to your significant other, and be honored instead of shunned? Or wear an outfit purchased from a child's store or your grade school uniform skirt? Or take inappropriate pictures of your child, and all your friends? No where, no how. That's when. (Ok, Halloween, the one exception, you got me.)
Thursday, December 24th
Christmas Eve
After attending church at St. Ann's with Matt's family, sans Matt & Brock (they fell asleep), we headed off in the 5 inch in 2 hour accumulation of snow to the usual Christmas Eve with the extended Smith family. This year was nice and as laid back as the Smith's get...there of course, was still some slight arguing, but that's the way we Smith's communicate.
Friday, December 25th
Christmas Day
Christmas day began at our own house. With our own tree, and our own gifts. This holiday takes on a whole new feel when you are a family with a child. The 10 inches of snow, the beautiful tree, the many gifts, my husband, my baby all combined to make this the most memorable, warm Christmas. On top of the aforementioned, wonderful things, Matt gave me the best gift: a book of my BLOG!!!! I feel like I have personally written and published the most beautiful, fulfilling, informative, funny, interesting book I have ever read. I am not joking, this book is perfect in everyway; the texture, the quality, the size. You must visit this site and create a book of your own. The only thing disappointing thing was that Matt was right, I did love the gift so much I nearly *blanked* my pants.
Just had to include the photos of Brock as a natural with the medical tools. I am still predicting Anesthesiologist.
And, of course, some more Little People. I think Brock may take after me in his love for everything that is miniature.

Moving on to the O'Laughlin's.... we enjoyed a wonderful morning of gift exchanging and breakfast eating. Apparently, according to Brock, the slight bitterness and texture of blueberries is quite addicting and funny.

Then to the Smith's...
...where, again, we enjoyed more gift exchanging and wonderful dinner eating. Until we went home happy, full, and with a car filled to the brim with toys, clothes and other unecessary yet desirable, and thoughtful items.
Saturday, December 26th
Snow Day
Brock's first time ever playing in the snow started out slow, but the boy was soon running up and down the block in excitement. Though, it did prove a bit difficult to navigate 8+ inches of snow when you are only 31 inches tall.


leah said...

Your kids are going to figure out Santa just happend to have the same handwriting as you really quickly! Maybe you should write "santa" left handed!

Ermasmit said...

Remember, we always asked mom about that...what was her explanation?

Susan said...

I love that both you and Matt are rocking Indiana Swimming gear on Christmas. It never goes out of style!