Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jorts, or Rollerskates...

...or being pregnant and outfitting both, which is the biggest faux-pas?
As we set out from cocktail hour at the O'Laughlin estate (because they don't serve alcoholic beverages at the roller-rink, rightly so) to SkateWorld, dressed in our jorts, a few thoughts came to mind on the topic of what to expect. None of us had been to a rollerskating rink since, umm, grade school? We wondered, would they still have couples skates? Ladies' skates? The limbo? Backwards skate? Has the music changed? We also thought, will we look silly in our ridiculous garb? Then, someone remembered that perhaps, recently, there may have been a shooting outside SkateWorld or some other local rink. As we pull up to the absolutely unchanged, unupdated building, behind a cop car mind you, a few things were confirmed immediately. Yes, if this place is being patrolled by a cop, there was probably a shooting, and we should probably be nervous. And two, I doubt if anyone will find our jean shorts, side ponies, socks and other garb to be odd or out of place.

Upon entering, we again were not disappointed by the nostalgia of it all, because NOTHING had changed! And though we spotted many people in jorts, and clothing significantly more interesting than ours, I still felt we stuck out like a sore thumb. Let's face it, you can't hide class, just like you can't hide trash - I am sure it's the hair and teeth that give it away. After skating a few laps, it was the "ladies' skate"! Then came the limbo (which Christin had a good chance of winning, until she got intimidated by the 8 year-old, 2 time champion, who told her that her had touched and she was actually out...next time kid, lookout, we're just getting warmed up.)

The best part of it all, of course, came in the abundance of wonderful people-watching opportunities! Is the 50-something year old man, doing graceful prouette's in the middle of the floor a former figure-skater? ballerina? or just an avid rollerskater? Is the little old man, in the fastskin looking jammers practicing for his next speedskating competition? Is the Snoop Dog look-alike on something, or just really feeling the music? Which brings me to the one thing that did change, the music was updated! A bit of a disappointment, I was really hopping to hear "Kris Kross will make ya Jump, jump!"
Needless to say, we left our childhood skating rink, with a feeling of satisfaction. It's kind of nice to know that some things will always be there for our entertainment. A great idea for a birthday party, whether you are turning 27 (Matt) or 5. We also left with a feeling of aches and pains - at least I know I did. Pretty sure that night of rollerskating, launched me straight into the "pregnancy waddle" - I am hoping this is transient. I DO NOT remember it being that exhausting.

Lauren and Brad Cockrell
June 18th, 2010
Reception July 16th at the Simpson House
In other, perhaps less amusing, but probably more significant, news from the weekend, Matt and I attended lifelong friend, Lauren Frechin's reception on Friday evening. She and Brad got married in Germany, but had a beautiful little soiree back in Kansas City for close family and friends. Everything about it was so Lauren; beautiful and classic with a touch of spunk.

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