Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Weekender

To and from St. Louis is about 4 hours, house to house. We can usually count on Brock to be fine for the first 20 minutes, then fight sleep for about 10 minutes, then sleep for 2 hours, leaving about and hour and a half to try and entertain and appease the confined child. These 1.5 hours can seem like a lifetime sometimes, but not this weekend! Brock behaved perfectly. Perhaps he is beginning to learn there is no use complaining while strapped in a car seat. Or maybe it was dumb luck - either way, it was nice.

We visited Grant's Farm which is owned and run by the Busch family - creator's of the Budweiser empire. Here we enjoyed some train riding, animal watching, goat feeding, kettle corn & sno cone eating as well as beer sampling (Matt only). I, of course, was only interested in the Clydesdales. Wow. They are huge, magnificent, cute animals.

When I say we ate, we ate good. Imo's Pizza, Amighetti's, baked goods from the Hill, Ted Drew's and Pappy's Smokehouse BBQ. To give you an idea about how amazing these places are, we saw 2 wedding parties at Ted Drew's and the line was out the door of Pappy's.

Of course we made a stop at the Arch. Brock hardly paid attention to the massive structure, he preferred the stairs to the river bank and pushing his own stroller.

Matt's Aunt Mary Lynne was gracious enough to open her house to us for the weekend! We had a nice comfy bed to sleep in, and plenty of options for spots to park Brock's bed. Though Brock had a rough first night, he quickly caught up on sleep with a 12 hour night on Saturday. Which, I am not sure how he could sleep in so long with the scent of bacon wafting down the stairs. We woke up to fresh breakfast both mornings, I couldn't be more appreciative. And on top of great accomodations, we had fun with extended family we don't always get to see: Thomas & Claire, as well as, Tim & Kathy joined us on Friday.

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