Friday, July 23, 2010

You Can't Deny It

As I sat in the airport, waiting for my flight home, I found myself using my stomach as an armrest. And as that arm rested, I felt it being pummeled by a little 1.5 pound baby, who obviously did not want it there. I have noticed, more and more, that baby 2.O responds immediately to my poking and prodding with fervent kicks. In fact, I really don't even need to poke or prod, the child just likes to thrash around for no reason; ALL THE TIME. I sometimes find myself doubting that only one child is residing in my uterus. Also, while sitting in the airport, I began to become a bit self conscious (which is a rare occurrence for me) and hoped no one was looking directly at my belly; for if they did, they might think an alien is trying to escape.

These two moments, coupled with the fact that everyone who sat next to me on my four flights asked when I was due, made me realize, I can no longer deny the baby bump. I am not just bloated. I am not short of breath because I am out of shape. I am not gaining weight because I have suddenly begun eating too much. I am actually carrying around a growing baby that is now 25 weeks old! Getting a big belly is unavoidable. I probably should have read the signs a few weeks ago, when I switched (nearly completely) to maternity clothing.

But denial makes things so much better. If I continue to deny that I have a baby smashing my stomach into my diaphragm, then perhaps this indigestion is temporary, might even be gone by tomorrow. Or, perhaps the aches in my back will be cured by one dose of Tylenol. And the restless legs will not keep me from falling asleep. Then again, feeling the kicks, seeing the photographic evidence of a growing belly, and the fact that I really do feel better then I ever did while pregnant with Brock, makes me really happy. And really excited to meet our new addition. And I can't deny it.

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Nice, clean, beautiful photography comes with it's bumps in
the road as well, here are a few shots that didn't make the cut.

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Anonymous said...

Erin I LOVE this picture, how cute! You look great! I can't even imagine having another one on the way, I still can't manage to fix a meal and have a baby at the same time ha ha! I guess you learn hu? Love your blog!