Monday, July 19, 2010

Last, but not Least.

I just received word that I have successfully completed all that is required from me as a third year medical student, which means...

...I am officially a 4th Year medical student!

To complete my final year, I take 2 national board exams. The first one is the PE, where they test my clinical skills and grade me on patient interactions. I take this on Thursday, July 22nd. The second is Step 2 COMLEX - another written, long, hard exam. I take this on Friday, August 13th! Hoping for reverse luck on that one.

I then complete ERAS, an online system that compiles all the information I will be sending to the residency programs for which I am applying. Then, hopefully, I get granted a few interviews that will take place from November thru January. Then, I wait patiently until the middle of March to find out if I matched anywhere. Nope, not a stressful process, whatsoever. Will I get an interview? Will I get ranked? Will I have to move in July? I take it a day at a time, really all that can be done for now.

Oh, and I am planning on becoming an OB/Gyn.

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Emmy said...

Yeah!!!! Congratulations Erin! This is exciting news!