Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pros' versus Cons'.

We are getting to (or at) the age, that if you are married, and have been for more than a while, you are discussing the prospect of children. The first question is, do we want to have child[ren]? The second question, when should we have a child? When I am approached for advice/an opinion on the subject, the first thing I try to explain is that having a child is NOT a logical decision. It is absolutely not a subject that should be solved with reason – beyond the obvious things, such as: if you are unattached, living with your parents, unemployed, under-employed, those might be red flags to not have a child right at this moment. Though, we all know, the unexpected can happen, and even then, you make do, and love the kid!

If everyone used logic to have children, NONE of us would be here. What kids provide in life is not a quantifiable thing; here’s proof:
PROS': Children...
CONS': Children...
• are a miracle.• are expensive.
• teach you life lessons you
would never learn, otherwise.
• cost a lot of money.
• provide a kind of love you can experience no other way.• take a lot of time.
• are indescribable.• take a lot of energy.

• misbehave.

• have to be fed.

• cannot be left alone.

• get sick.

• are permanent.

• destroy things.

• rob you of sleep.

• require stimulation.

• require entertaining.

• require potty training.

• complicate life.

• make dinner plans hard.

• reduce spontaneity.

We all know what decision, I made...

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