Friday, August 13, 2010

Lucky Friday the 13th

Today was a huge turning point, for many reasons.

1. Done with tests (for the next couple years anyway). Which means done with studying!!!! Not a minute too soon, I tell ya. It is beginning to get uncomfortable to sit in a chair for long periods of time. Well, short periods of time too - if it's the wrong kind of chair. Partly due to belly, partly due to back aches but mostly the RLS. Which brings me to my next big transition:

2. 3rd trimester. I am 28 weeks today. This entire pregnancy, I had kind of hoped, for Brock's sake, we would have another little boy. But a friend of ours came to visit with their little 4 week old girl, and Brock was just as sweet as pie. He kept saying, "baby, is sa babies" and petting her, and trying to shove her pacifier back in her mouth. He even rested his head on her to give her a hug. Perhaps a girl will calm him down - where as another boy will only compound the energy! Speaking of energy, a great place to release some of it is the pool, but:

3. Last day of Summer pool hours. We now have to wait until after 4pm to go to the pool on weekdays. Which is a bummer, especially because:

4. The temperature has taken a dive! This has been one of the hottest Summers to date (in my 28 years of existence). I feel like an old person talking about weather, but man, not a great Summer to be preggers. I always thought people saying, "it's too hot for the pool" was just ridiculous. Well, this week, it has been too hot for the pool - unless you feel like taking a bath while sitting in a sauna, which is what it felt like here in KC all week. Suddenly, this creepy, and bizarre Friday the 13th evening, the temp dropped about 20 degrees and it's done nothing but lightening. The winds are a changin'.

Oh, how I do enjoy change, when it's for the better. And in 12 short weeks (or less) our lives will be changed, yet again, forever.

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