Sunday, August 22, 2010

KC's got it goin' on (for free).

At his current stage in life, Brock remains interested in activities for only very limited periods of time. Sometimes he surprises us and lasts a good 30 minutes, but because this is a rare occasion, I prefer not to pay to do things with him. So, these past couple weekends, we have made the rounds in Kansas City.

The City Market
Brock's number one interest at the city market was pulling the cart. His number two, eating. Number three, watching the street-side musicians. But what I will remember most about this visit, is that the Market provided me with my first "child abduction scare". One second I am looking into my camera taking a picture of my nephew, Xander, with Brock right by my mother's side, next second he was absolutely out of sight. All I say, is: "Brock's gone". And take off in one of the 2 directions I am guessing he has gone...nope, he didn't head that way. I get back to where we last saw him, and my mother, sister and grandma are all kind of standing there bewildered, so I repeat, "Brock is gone." Immediately, my mother gets frazzled and begins assuming the worst, while I take off in the other direction. A few farmer booths later, I spot my tiny, little toddler in the middle of the crowded walkway with his hands up-turned, saying, 'Where's mommy?" Thank goodness I know my son well enough to generally predict his moves. That harness is sounding better, and better.

The Zoo
I guess the zoo is not techinically "free", as I paid for a season membership, but it feels free everytime we go because I don't pay at that moment. This visit, I decided, would be guided completely by Brock. Being nearly 7 months pregnant, carrying and fighting with a toddler in the heat are not appealing. Therefore, our visit consisted of, playing with the automatic doors at the entrance and polar bear exhibit as well as the doors of the lorakeet exibit. Also, riding the train, and riding the merry-go-round. I think he spotted the polar bears and the lorakeets while playing with the doors, and that was the extent of our animal spotting, at the zoo! Worked for me - it was enough to make him pass out in the car on the ride home.

Like most little boys, Brock loves cars and trucks. So, when an opportunity came to go tour some big trucks, we took it. At home, we have a hard time getting Brock out of the car, he loves to just play in it. But suddenly, when he has limitless opportunity to explore, he has
minimal interest. I have decided Brock shares my crowd anxiety. If there are lines and lots of people, I am not going to enjoy myself. Fact. He seems to be the same way. He did take comfort in the ambulance...yet again, he is interested in the medical world. So, despite his father-like looks, he takes after me in many little personality traits.

So, thank you Kansas City for stimulating and exhausting my child, for free.

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Helen E said...

You took your child (my godson) to something called "Touch a Truck?" Yeah, I'm sure there were no pervs anywhere near that place.