Sunday, August 8, 2010

"I like a man that goes for seconds."

Though I should have been studying all day, I decided to take a break from the routine and head to the Crown Center fountains with Brock on my birthday. We met up with Annora and Xander (and she watched the boys for a moment while I shopped in Halls and found a perfect pair of birthday shoes!) Brock wasn't so into getting in the fountains himself, but didn't mind playing with his truck near the water. I took a ridiculous number of photos, because I was playing with Matt and I's brand new point and shoot camera! A Canon S90 (I now know what camera to recommend to anyone who wants a "nice camera" but not one that you need to know anything about photography to use.)
Later that evening, Matt and I, sans the little boy, went to Genghis Khan for dinner (a Mongolian BBQ style restaurant). Then ended the night down in the Crossroads for First Fridays. Eric of Lemonlime Photography had a showing, so we spent most of the time in one studio. A nice, quiet evening, just what the doctor ordered.

Emmy & Marty Rice
August 7th, 2010
Loose Mansion

Then, Saturday evening we attended a lovely wedding at St Francis Xavier, followed by reception at the Loose Mansion. In the buffet was a salad that just tasted incredible. So, Matt spent half of dinner trying to convince "the pregnant, fatty" to go get seconds of the salad. Personally, I was stuffed, and I definitely did not feel like moving. So, I spent the other half of dinner convincing him to go get it himself, while there were still people eating. Long story short, he finally got up to get another plate, which broke the ice and a few people followed. Someone even complemented him, by exclaiming, "I like a man that goes for seconds." Yup, that's why I married him.

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