Friday, October 29, 2010


Brock's sitter, Zia, asked that we send our kiddo in his Halloween costume today. So, we threw some scrubs on him, seeing as he is going to be a surgeon for the holiday. When I picked him up decked out in my own blue scrubs, she couldn't get over how adorable the 2 of us were...thus making a photo of the 2 of us in blue surgical scrubs a "must have". I don't care what Brock does when he grows up, but it sure would make mommy proud to have him follow in my footsteps.

On another Brock note. Though he can speak plenty, I feel he might end up like his father: a man of few words. When we pulled in the driveway this afternoon, I shut off the engine. Brock immediately yelled, "keys!? keys!?" So, I handed him the keys. He then suggested, "out?" So, I let him out of his carseat. He lept into the driver's seat, sorted thru the keys until he decided on one, then began inspecting the ignition. I opened the passenger-side door, to remove my purse and jacket, only to have him insistenly pat the passenger seat, as if to say, "get in and sit right here". So, I complied. He then stuck the key partway into the ignition, and began turning the steering wheel! He was taking me for a ride. Don't worry though, he paused from navigating for a moment to pull down the visor, open the mirror, and adjust his hair. I don't think I do that very often, and I REALLY don't think Matt does...

On a side note: I am 39 weeks today, and still preggers! I have been asking the baby to wait until today all along, and he/she so kindly complied. Now, it's open season. I REALLY prefer to give the baby an opportunity to join us on its own terms, but will be forced to intervene if 2.O takes much longer than the expected due date. Only because I am confident I can deliver a 9+ pounder, but 10lbs might be pushing it (no pun intended).

Though I have been told I have a "cervix of steel" (TMI?), I am confident (hopeful) that the baby will, in fact, arrive right on time. I feel a ton of pressure, my Braxton Hicks contractions are getting increasingly more frequent and uncomfortable, and I went into labor with Brock with these signs or fewer. So we shall see. Only time will tell.

PS- We still have no idea what to name a boy...suggestions are welcomed!!!


Susan said...

So excited for 2.0. How about Declan, Fletcher, Steven, Chase, Brian, Conor...I'll keep thinking...


Ashley Hall said...

You look great. All fat pregnancy face like I got. Lemm think a little on the names.

Maggie said...

The title of this post momentarily had me believing I was about to see 2.O in person!!! Cute picture though, Brock is precious.

I like Susan's suggestions... also like Rowan, Charlie, Luke, Quinn, or dare I say.. Matthew?