Sunday, April 10, 2011


Curtis needs to be moved up to a size 4 diaper, before he destroys every piece of clothing with his regularly occurring blow outs. But I just cannot believe this, seeing as I literally just moved Brock out of that size...I have only purchased one box of size 5 diapers. Maybe it's not the diaper, maybe Curtis just has an oddly shaped bottom. In which case, anyone know any good infant plastic surgeons? The two of them could realistically share diapers at this point! He is in 6-12 month clothing. He is determined to begin crawling and his patience is wearing thin. I think having a highly [understatement] active older brother makes him especially ready to get on the move. Just today, as I stood outside holding Curtis and Matt did the "real man work", Brock was riding, dragging, walking his tricycle all about the yard and driveway. Curtis just stared. Then would sudden try to leap out of my arms. When his attempt to join his brother failed, he would just stare some more. And the cycle continued for minutes. You could see the wheels spinning in that little, tiny, adorable head of his, "why can I not do that!? how does he do that?"

He thinks he wants to eat normal food, as evidenced by the intensity with which he stares at our plates, and reaches for the items on them. But when I feed him cereal, he flips out because little spoonfuls of food are not nearly enough to satisfy his ravenous appetite. And it takes way too long. He has undoubtedly discovered his voice, and seems to have inherited the Smith-side volume level. LOUD. Seriously, he is just loud. Don't get me wrong, it's cute. At first. But he just goes on, and on, and on, and on.
Curtis just keeps growing, as he unfortunately should. These last 5 months have gone entirely too quickly. Way, way quicker than with Brock. It could partly be due to having given birth to a 3 month old, so now he's now behaving, nearly, like an 8 month old. Partly due to the chaotic nature of our lives at this point. And partly because I just don't even remember Brock as a baby anymore. Perhaps I have just forgotten how quickly it really goes.

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Ashley Hall said...

My toddler still wears 4's, lol. Oh hey, I might need to borrow some winter maternity clothes, mine are all summer style.