Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Pro

One good thing has come of Matt getting "a break" from employment for the last couple months...a chance to jump in and start his photography business. I am not sure when we finally put it all together and realized that Matt had a knack behind the camera. What I do know, is that I have always been obsessed with capturing every moment of my own, my friends', and my families' life. And, I could always spot a great photo moment, but was never able to capture it the way I envisioned. In college, I went to the extreme of buying an expensive camera, and taking a class. No success. Luckily, whenever Matt was around, I would attempt the shot, get frustrated and thrust the camera at him and tell him to take the picture. And what do you know? It came out perfect. When Brock came along, we finally had good reason to invest in a professional grade camera, and Matt's done nothing but get better, more motivated, and more creative ever since.

We can trace his photography skills back as far as high school, where he supplied the yearbook with quite a few sports action shots. He just seems to have a natural understanding of light, how to use it, how to adjust the camera settings accordingly. Perhaps the engineer brain helps with the angles. I don't know...when you have a talent, you have a talent. That's all there is to it. And it is always nice when your talent is something fun that matches your passion as well. So, please, take a look at his new website. He is always looking for fun, new projects, so contact him with your ideas, or photo needs. (Mother's day is right around the corner...)


I am just enjoying living with someone who can help support my psychotic need to have a photo journal of my entire life which includes pictures of myself! Thank goodness I am pretty.


The Carnahan Family said...

Yes, thank goodness you're pretty and produce cute kids. ;o)
The Carnahans

Proud Mama said...

Smitty, I am so behind the times on all the blogs!! Just looking through now. First off, your children are beautiful and I am so happy you are so delighted with having them in your life. :)
Second, Matt's photos are AMAZING! Good for him. Seriously, he's super talented. You are right, you are so lucky to have professional looking pictures for your children's lives! Good luck to you both, and congrats on your graduation! love you