Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Za Boys.

I hate to admit, but as per usual I have put off folding laundry for a week. Or two. Or who's really counting. The point is, Matt and I's bedroom has become a landfill of clean clothes. So, last night, when the four of us were just hanging out in the basement, I suggested to Matt that we have a "laundry party". I said this while lying on the floor with Curtis and with no particular excitement, or inflection in my voice. I just made a mere suggestion, not expecting it to be received with any kind of seriousness. In fact, I couldn't be sure that anyone was listening, until... I hear, "YEAHHHHHH!!!" Coming from a little boy who had previously been launching his Matchbox cars down the stair banister. Brock comes sprinting around the corner and says, "that sounds like great fun!" Matt and I just began laughing hysterically. Really, Brock? Great fun?

Though, if you look at it from Brock's perspective, laundry means emptying full baskets and throwing clothes around. Or trying to knock over the freshly folded stacks of clothing while I try to shoo him away. That could be considered great fun.
Also, since before Brock could say much more than 10 words, we have always asked him the same thing upon picking him up from daycare: "Did you have a good day today?" This has become a very frequent question, or statement, as I am never really sure what Brock means because he just randomly says, "good day today, mom". So, I often reply, "I had a good day today, too." Too, as in also. Well, after months of this. Brock decided why just "too"? He walked up to me and said, "good day today, six". Glad it wasn't a least he is optimistic.

Also, as I headed out the door to go for a run, I yelled "bye". I then heard Brock inquire as to where his mother was going, and Matt responded informing him that I was going for a run. I then hear, "Mommy run fast!" Followed by a slight chuckle and a "I don't know about that" from Matt. Again, at least he's optimistic. Brock that is.
Lastly, one week ago tonight, all the boys in my family reached new milestones. Curtis became mobile. Brock moved to his new room, in his new bed. Matt launched his photography website and business. I went to bed with the most satisfied, amazed, proud feeling I have had in long, long time. I was, no, still am, beaming. I love being part of this little family. I love that I am surrounded by amazing people, who accomplish amazing things. I only hope that I have provided ample support and an iota of inspiration to these fella's. Our house is literally filled with laughter.

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jontwibell said...

Love it! I hope my god son is on a rigorous weight lifting program in order to stay larger than Curtis!!! ;) hope all is well