Monday, April 25, 2011

Personality Wins.

Brock astounds me. As we prepared the eggs and dye to be decorated as is customary for the Easter holiday, he intently watched. When we placed the several tubs of dye on the table, he ran over and patiently waited in his chair. Brock never sits still. When we brought the bowl of hard boiled eggs over, he instantly grabbed one. He seemed to understand that they were fragile, and handled the egg with care. I handed him a wire egg dipper, and he immediately attempted to load the thing himself. And succeeded. He dipped and dyed nearly a dozen eggs all by himself. He broke only one. It almost appeared as though he did it with purpose, treating each egg as an individual piece of artwork. This child has never been known for his patience or attention span, but I caught a glimpse of potential. And this was his first experience in egg decorating.

He was so proud of his eggs, that periodically, he would run to the kitchen and come back with one in hand to show me. So, when he came downstairs Easter morning, it was no shock that he instantly noticed the eggs "hidden" about the living room. He quickly found them all, put them back in the carton and moved on to check out his basket of goods. Curtis slept through all of the egg decorating but seemed to enjoy his basket. We then enjoyed an Easter breakfast with my family at my house! I love hosting breakfast. Easiest meal by far. And cheapest. I get to buy half and half for will actually all get used before expiration. Nothing beats the real stuff. And Brock had an opportunity to not only blow bubbles, but blow bubbles with his Magra! Two of his favorite things.

Next we moved on the THE BIG Easter egg hunt. Matt hosted quite a successful event this year, with the biggest prize being an iPad won by John O. The Golden Egg was found by Thomas O. The Largest monitary prize found by Michael O...the O'Laughlin boys made out quite well. Though, Matt gave everyone an opportunity to sell their big prize eggs back for $200 and Megan Harris was the only gambler in the bunch. She had only $50 in her egg, well played. Now, biggest does not always mean best. St. Peter, the small, clay statue created by the Gloria Eggcelsis Deo Annual Easter Egg Hunt founder was in the mix this year. Lucky for Bridget.Little Brock and Lily had an opportunity to hunt eggs as well, and both had their own pile of prizes. I am not sure what Brock liked more, running around searching for eggs, or the candy? Either way, people better look out when he gets to participate in the big hunt. More and more it is obvious that child got my "persistent" and competitive type personality. He insisted on unraveling the hose, on multiple occasions. He was stopped by his cousins on multiple occasions. What was under that 100ft of hose? The golden egg...

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