Saturday, April 30, 2011

All For One...

...and all for love...??

Anyway, I have finally realized that recording every event in my social calendar is interesting to no one but me, and maybe the person(s) said social event is celebrating. And the only reason I record all these events is to fulfill one of my compulsions. Perhaps this particular compulsion stems from a shotty memory? That's just my best guess. (Pretty sure my memory is fine, I just don't listen sometimes. Sorry, you guys get boring.)So, in April, I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of one of our very own wedding photographers!!! The connection we felt with our photographers nearly 5 years ago must have been a real one, because Matt has done nothing but become closer to Eric and Neal of Lemonlime ever since. He even shoots weddings with them on occasion. There is a little group of Kansas City photographers who have all become great friends. And no one is shy of the camera. So, when a photobooth was set up at the reception, you can guess who was in front of that lens for a good majority of the time! Vicariously, through Matt, I have become friends with these photogs, and love them all. The chemistry of the group is amazing, and amiable. They have each other's back. I don't quite understand it, shouldn't these people be competitors?

Anywho, every detail of the wedding was thought out, perfect, and beautiful. Including the bride and groom themselves. You can't go wrong with a base of black and white. You can't really go wrong with confetti and giant balloons either. So, Congrats to Eric and Laura and thanks for the extremely unique and fun night.

And, as we all know, first comes love, then comes marraige, then comes the baby in the baby carraige...Molly Groebe took care of the baby part for us. She and Matt are expecting a baby by the middle of May. A little girl. Therefore we showered Molly and Baby G with some gifts, and enjoyed some tasty treats in the meantime. I hope the little one loves giraffes as much as Brock does, and we can't wait to meet Curtis' future girlfriend!

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