Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2.5 Years

As a two and a half year old, Brock has really come into his own. He loves his "big boy bed" and adjusted to it immediately. In fact, if he is not keen on the idea of going to bed, you can threaten him with sleeping in the crib! That generally ends that argument, and to sleep he goes. What I find most amusing about this whole big boy bed thing is his morning routine. Do you remember nervously hanging around outside your parents' bedroom door in the mornings, trying to hear if they are awake, or determine if it is worth it to go in? I do. And I can hear him doing the same thing, sometimes sitting for hours at the top of the stairs. Giraffee always in tow. Other mornings, he just goes downstairs, turns on the tv, and helps himself to various food items in the kitchen pantry. Just the other day I headed down the stairs only to be barricaded by the 2nd to last step. It contained quite the smorgasbord of Cheetos Puffs, an unopened Granola bar, a box of raisins, some loose cereal and a pack of Chips Ahoy with Heath. One word: wholesome.

Brock's vocabulary and parroting skills are off the heezy at this point. A few of my current fave's? His pronunciation of the letter "O" as "ho". So, naturally, whenever he would point out this letter and pronounce it, Matt and/or I will begin singing, "You's a Ho" by Ludacris. Just the other day, I heard Brock playing alone in the other room, I believe his cars were having a conversation, and one felt the need to begin singing, "you's a ho, you's a ho". That's my boy! He also has a tendency to leave the "L" out of "clock" and the "N" out of "tent". Therefore, we make sure to point out these objects whenever possible to the point that is now seems Brock has a bizzare obsession with tents and clocks...or Tourette's syndrome.

The advances are not only found in the language department, his memory is improving as well. Lacrosse practice is held quite frequently in a nearby park. Brock perks up and gets pretty excited about any sport, and generally calls them all basketball. So, when he saw a bunch of boys running around with sticks and balls at the park as we drove past, he made sure to point them out by yelling "basketball!" Matt says, no Brock. That's gay. (You know that whole Rugby vs. Lacrosse thing...) A week later, we drive by, and Brock's in the back of the car yelling, "It's the gays! Look, more gays!" Umm, parenting fail on that one, Matt O.

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