Friday, May 27, 2011

THAT baby.

I called it from day one. Curtis was going to be THAT baby. You know, the one that puts anything and everything they can get their tiny, chubby little fingers around directly into their mouth. Therefore, I am constantly scouring the floor for Legos, puzzle and game pieces, loose change, etc where ever I set the child down.

This morning, as Matt, Brock and Curtis were hanging out on Brock's big boy bed, I walked over to join the fun. I started to dangle a toy in front of Curtis, and he looked up, started reaching for it, then started gagging. It appeared that he had just choked on a little saliva and was over-reacting. He continued to gag and started dry-heaving, so I picked him up and took him into the bathroom to lean him over the sink in case he was going to drive himself to vomit. Matt and I were kind of laughing at his ridiculous reaction to a teeny bit of saliva going down the wrong pipe. I mean, he was groaning and heaving. I felt bad for the little guy and start patting him on the back, and leaning him in a better "vomit" position so that he could just get it over with and throw up. He finally got a good heave going and in what seemed like slow motion, out came this ball of grayish looking saliva that clinked as it hit the porcelain sink. Out if the corner of my eye, I can see Matt perk up and go quiet in suspense. And I reach down to pick up the object in disbelief. A quarter! The baby had eaten a quarter! That could have been really bad. It either fell out of Matt's pocket, or Brock (who has a habit of getting change out of the change jar on Matt's dresser) had put it there. Of course, Curtis found it.

I carried Curtis and the quarter back into the room to show Matt (cause you know, he might not remember how big a quarter really is). Matt took the quarter from me, set it in his hand and proceeded to re-offer it to the baby. And you know what my still completely pale from vomiting baby did? Reached for the quarter, grabbed it, and headed straight for his mouth. Ohhh, a quarter, don't mind if I do...

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Ashley Hall said...

Oh god! That could have been scary. And reminds me of Dominick. Who is almost 2 and still mouthes EVERYTHING. Today he ate an orange crayon. Ate it. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next poop looks like.