Sunday, May 1, 2011

Literally, a picnic.

I am calling it right now, the two most beautiful, perfect, relaxing, wonderful days of this entire year were this past Friday and Saturday. Seventy and sunny. DONE with medical school. A stay at home husband. And two cutie patooties. So, when Matt actually warmed up to the idea of going on a picnic Friday, I got to packin' a basket.
As I methodically packed PB & J's for me and za Brockus, a salami sandwich for Matt O, nothing for za Cuck as he was asleep, chips, some strawberries, grapes and wafer cookies, Matt suddenly realized that by picnic, I literally meant picnic. As in the kind where you sit on a red and white checkered tablecloth in the grass of a park that you walk to from your house. He proceeded to comment on the fact that I insist on making everything "complicated" by which I know he really means "perfect". And I know it was perfect, because, instead of sprinting to the swings and slides, Brock first sat down and enjoyed his entire sandwich, every bite, in one setting. Right next to his father. He then helped himself to some chips and fruit, some chocolate milk, THEN, the playground.

Curtis eventually woke up and joined the fun. Besides being unsure of his first experience with that sun hat, he was happy as usual. Got to touch and experience the grass for the first time. Loved it sooo much, he wanted to eat it. But, then again, Curtis wants to eat everything. We let Tater run off leash for a moment, which concerned Brock, who decided chase after the lightening quick dog. So, then we let Tali go. The three of them sprinting around one another was the best portrayal of the carefree nature of that day.
For just a moment, I am free to enjoy life with my little family. I get 7 weeks off before I begin residency, and Matt is now home doing photography. We get to finish house projects. Or not. Do activities, together, with our children, instead of divide and conquer. I am in for such a rude awakening that last week of June. And our road is not paved with gold, actually, it's not really paved at all. But it is so worth it. And so wonderful.


Ashley H said...

Great pics. I can't even imagine how wonderful it would be to have essentially 2 stay at home parents for a few weeks. Enjoy it!

katiemoore said...

You are so awesome. I absolutely love this post!