Friday, May 20, 2011


Unbeknownst to most visitors, we do, in fact, have two, spacious, upstairs bedrooms. Whenever we did allow guests to venture up the stairs, they were always shocked. They played off the shock as being related to the size of the rooms, as they are a bit large for the normal Prairie Village home. But I am certain the shock was really due to the state of disarray in which they found the rooms. The master always has a large amount of clean, dirty, folded, piled laundry and shoes (which will change when we dive into the huge master closet renovation some day). As for the other bedroom, well, it was the "catch all". Not anymore. As a byproduct of my insane amount of energy and desire to get my house in order before July 1st, we sucked it up, moved around some furniture and other random belongings, painted, rearranged and completed the perfect little boys' bedroom:The theme was actually inspired by these four old, old sketches of office chairs that Matt discovered in his former employer's storage. I loved the simplicity and strucural feel of the prints and wanted the room to match. I had my dad cut glass to fit each print exactly, as they were all slightly different sizes, and found simple clips to hang them to the wall. Also, Brock and Curtis already had Navy and Green chairs, so paint selection was easy with a Navy accent wall, and Grey to keep with the raw structural theme. Sherwinn-Williams of course!

Total, I think we spent just under $300 creating this room. The most expensive part of the room was the steel piping we bought for the window fixtures. But it was totally worth it, I think that touch drove the theme home. The magnetic chalkboard just seemed a natural addition to the bizzarely shaped nook of the South wall. And helped to tie in the awesome little navy storage baskets I found with mini-chalkboards hanging from them. The 1-2-3-4 buckets I discovered at my mother's flower shop. Originally, I just wanted the #1 to use for Curtis' first birthday party, but loved them all too much. (I would like to add that I recently opened a PotteryBarn Kids magazine and discovered mini-chalkboard baskets and tin storage buckets! Pretty sure I should be one of their designers...) And, well, you can't have a "structurally" themed boy's room without LEGOs, right? So a LEGO table adorns the center of the room.

Needless to say, Brock LOVES his room. He is proud of it. He adjusted to his big boy bed immediately. There is something to be said about waiting until the kid is ready and not pushing things; let's just hope potty training goes the same way (and that he decides he is ready soon.) And I am fairly certain Curtis cannot wait to join his big bro in that awesome room. And I just so happen to know where I can find the perfect unstained, raw-looking bunkbed to fit...


Tasha Posey said...

Love the room, where did you find the cute striped curtains?

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