Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Very Merry Unbirthday.

As the rain drizzles on this typical, early May morning in Kansas City, it ruins my garage sale plans. On the other hand, it causes my sweet, happy, lovable, happy, energetic, happy, bouncy, smiley, giggly, did I mention happy? baby boy to nap for extended hours. So, instead of peddling my goods [crap], I have taken the opportunity to recount Curtis' progress in just 6 short months of existence.

As for sheer physical facts, Curtis continues to be on the large side, but is slimming out for sure. It's no surprise that boy's getting trim; anytime he gets in his Johnny Jumper he just starts bouncing, and does not stop. Ever. Eventually, after 30 to 45 minutes I just take him out because I feel like I am either neglecting him or forcing him to exercise. Seriously, my legs burn just watching the kid go. But he obviously loves it; after I remove him from the contraption he stares longingly at it and starts moving and shaking in my arms. This also may be why everyday he seems to look more and more like his older brother did at this age. I could see no resemblance between the two as newborns, but now there is NO QUESTION these two are brothers. To match my post on Brock's 6 month unbirthday, I will add the specs from his doctor's appointment [which was a week early]:
Height - 27.5" (65%)
Weight- 18lbs 15ozs (85%)

As for personality, one word covers the extent of it: HAPPY. That's it. Happy. When meeting Curtis for the first time, you will get a huge, warm smile as a welcome. And I'll just let you think you're special. I won't mention that he does that for everyone. Eventually, you will figure it out for yourself, when you see him repeatedly smile at everyone and anything moving. You will then become slightly perplexed, and ask me, "Is he like this all the time? This happy?" To which I will reply, "Yes." Invariably, you will repeat the question, because his happiness is astounding, contagious and unbelieveable and I will have to come up with more description than just a yes. I will start talking about how he sleeps from 9pm to 7am every night. That we can just lie him in his crib awake, and he will fall asleep on his own. That he laughs at his brother and the dogs as they romp all around [and on] him. That every once in a while he will let out a squeal or giggle for absolutely no reason. I will do this in a manner no of a braggart, but more of a mutual bystander, astonished at the child's demeanor as well.

None of this is to say that Curtis never cries. But I can say, he never cries without a damn good reason. Such as he wanted to eat over 2 hours ago, but I have finally pushed him to his limit. Or Brock has decided to "tickle" him directly in the face and nearly poked an eye out. But even amidst his crying, if you look him in the eyes and smile and talk to him, he can't help himself but to reciporicate the grin. In his early days, he had his fussy moments, but the Nuks solved that issue, and I can honestly say he has never looked back.

As for being a second child, I can honestly say I under-estimate Curtis all the time. I am guessing that nearly every parent thinks their first child is amazing. That everything he or she does cannot be repeated or surpassed by any other human. And in some ways, this is slightly true. Because they were your first experience as a parent, therefore everything they did was incredible. Only, now with a second child, you begin to question it. Could Curtis possibly be more coordinated than Brock? Could he be bigger? Funnier? Nicer? Smarter? More athletic? Cuter? Up until recently, I had just assumed, no. That the bar had been set, and I would love my second, possibly inferior child, equal to his older more superior brother. Now I see Curtis setting his own bar in his own way, and I realize the two just can't be compared. They are not at all the same person. And now I know why my parents always answered the question, "which child is your favorite?" the same exact way, when I clearly knew I was the obvious favorite. And the answer: they ALL are, for their own reason.

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