Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Beginning of the Belly

As I attempted to do with the last pregnancy (but did not end up accomplishing), I will try to post an updated "Belly picture" every 5 weeks. Surprisingly, I am currently 15 weeks and the exact same weight I was at 15 weeks with Brock! Yet the pants are fitting a teeny bit tighter, and I believe my belly looks a tad bit fuller, but don't take my word for it: see the evidence here. Also, I noticed for the first time this morning that when I rolled to my stomach it felt like some blanket was rolled up beneath my lower abdomen - it wasn't. That was all baby, baby.

Dare I say I am feeling good? For almost the entire last week I was able to stay up from 5am to 9pm without feeling like death. I even thought about attempting to go for jog or swim. Energy? I forgot you existed! I actually look forward to meals again. But, I remain a skeptic. This could just be a blip in the graph. And even if it is, I'll take it. Amazing how feeling better makes me so much more excited for the new addition!

Baby 2.0's gender will remain a surprise until Halloween, the date I am hoping for...but probably won't be discovered until more like the 5th of November [The gunpowder, treason and plot.] My intuition is telling me this baby will arrive precisely on it's due date. As for names, we probably won't be mentioning those either, but how I do love suggestions! The current nursery will remain the nursery, and Brock will be moved to a new bedroom, at some point. And lastly, as with Brock, I have no feeling whatsoever toward boy or girl. I just have no idea. I have not given up hope for a girl, but a boy seems more matter what anyone says, there was something in the water at Indiana during the 4 years I was there (yes, a girl has been born, but not by someone in the water during my era.) Only time will tell.

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The Carnahan Family said...

i'm dying, how did you keep the same outfit around?!?!