Monday, October 31, 2011

Angry Birds

On October 5th, while I may or may not have been G-chatting with Matt during some downtime at work, I received this message (which was not on topic, I might add):

"Oh and I decided I'm making the boys' costumes. There's no arguing about it. I know I don't have time but I've already made up my mind so save your bitching.
Deal with it."

I proceeded to burst out with a laugh. I found this amusing for so many reasons, first being, that he knows me so well. I would have told him he didn't have time. I probably would have tried to convince him not to do it. Second, picturing the boys as Angry Birds characters was pretty darn funny. And fitting.
Well, he did it. Matt borrowed his mother's 1984 sewing machine, downloaded the instruction manual and single-handedly measured, cut, sewed, stuffed and hot glue-gunned the 2 costumes together. Just in time for the big day.
And, no, I know what you're thinking, I did not get these skeleton shirts because I thought Matt might fail. Curtis' was a hand-me-down, and Brock's was too awesome and cheap of a Gap sweatshirt for me to resist. And they both glow in the dark. What else were the boys supposed to wear all day at daycare on Halloween!?
Anyway, Curtis wasn't so thrilled with the costume. And Brock was just excited to go Trick-or-Treating. Getting a photo of the 2 of them was near impossible. You would have thought Brock had already eaten an entire bag of candy he was so hyper prior to setting out to walk the neighborhood. All in all, a great night. I went about 2 blocks with the boys before I had to head into work for the night shift. But it was enough for me to witness the happiness this holiday brings to my boys, all 3 of them.

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MW said...

Based on the premise of Angry Birds, were you ever tempted to have Brock (the bird) tackle Curtis (the pig)? That's the only way he'll learn to stop stealing the eggs.