Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Must Haves.

My next (and final) house MUST have:

1. A driveway that can functionally park 4 cars. At least.
2. Master Suite including: a.)Bathroom with Jacuzzi, large walk-in shower, double vanity, separate room for toilet. b.) Walk in closet. c.) Laundry room.
3. 4 finished floors, ideally one can walk out of both the basement & 1st floors, and I have always wanted at least one 3rd floor room.
4. A pool.
5. A 2+ car garage. Meaning, more than enough room for storage, plus 2 cars.
6. A kitchen that opens into a family room.
7. A tire swing.
8. A decent size front porch.
9. A large, clean, dry space for well organized storage.
10. A functional fire place.
11. An address that is located between 40th and 95th block on either the MO or KS side, no further East than Oak and no further West than Metcalf.

I think it's possible.

1 comment:

Donna Toma said...

Absolutely possible, and I am happy to help find this for you!!!